Unlike broadband, where multiple users access the network via a shared line which can lead to inefficiencies, Ethernet Xpress Dedicated Internet Leased Line is a corporate grade service that offers a 1:1 secure, reliable and high-speed internet between locations of a company.






Are you ready to level up your business? Managed ILL (Internet Leased Line) provides end-to-end management with enhanced security features through bundled Unified Threat Management (UTM).

Key FeaturesStandardMangaed
Symmetric & Dedicated Bandwidth
End to End Committed SLA with 99.5% Uptime
Latency Committment
Packet Loss at 0%
Multiple Redundant Links
IPv4 & IPv6
Online Payment Option
Trouble Ticket
Proactive Monitoring
Unified Threat Management, Network Firewall, IPS
Web and Application Filtering, VPN, Anti-virus & Anti-spam
Configuration Management
Multiple links & Bandwidth Management
Link Uptime and Traffic


The next big step that can revolutionize your business and optimize all your business communications is in integrating SIP Trunk. Sessin Initiation Protocol, or SIP, is the way you achieve a voice over IP(VoIP) call, this increases productivity by adding a reliable voice option to your communication channels mix, as a first choice or a fallback option.






OTT (Over-The Top)

There is an ever-growing craze towards video streaming and OTT (Over the Top) services which are closely know VOD (Video on Demand) and have gained trend over the years. The people today are moving towards OTT services like Amazon Prime, Disney + HotStar, SonyLIV etc, which provide users with  several programming options, both in terms of a licensed library of TV shows and films, as well as original programming.

OTT + Internet bundle packs are a great way for businesses to save money and get the most out of their internet connection. These bundles typically include a high-speed internet connection and access to popular OTT (over-the-top) streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. This can save businesses money on their internet bill and provide employees and customers with access to a wide variety of entertainment and productivity apps.

Wi-Fi Hotspot & Access Points

What are hotspots, where are they located, and how can you connect to them while maintaining your securityand privacy?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An exclusive, fixed-bandwidth data connection is referred to as Internet leased line. It enables organisations who need a lot of data to have a dependable, high-quality internet connection with uptime and upload/download speed guaranteed. The term “leased” describes a connection that an Internet Service Provider (ISP) rents directly to a business, providing a service above and beyond what is offered by regular broadband. Internet Leased Line is also know as dedicated line, data circuit or private line. Typically, leased lines include the following distinguishing features:


Internet Leased Lines need to be symmetrical. This indicates that their upload and download speeds are equal.


By definition, leased lines are uncontended connections that are not shared with other users.

Point to point (P2P)

They connect two points – ISP and business location.

Fibre leased lines

This refers to a method of creating a symmetric data link by transferring light from fibre leased lines to fibre optic cables. The majority of leased lines use fibre cables for the majority of the routing, while just a small number of leased lines use fibre cables for the whole routing. Compared to other varieties, fibre leased lines offer excellent speed.

Leased DSL lines

Low-bandwidth leased lines are provided using a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). DSL connections are asymmetric and contested in contrast to leased lines, which are symmetric and non-contended. You might choose for SDSL, an asymetric DSL substitute that offers a faster upload speed.

Leased MPLS lines

Data can be packaged and sent from X to Y using a mechanism called multi-protocol label switching (MPSL). Labels can be adhered to it, and transfers can then be chosen based on those labels.

For enterprises, Internet Leased Lines have many benefits. High symmetric speeds, or greater connectivity and quicker uploads and downloads, are the key benefit. Internet Leased Lines are incredibly dependable and adaptable. You get excellent setup and customer support when setting up a leased line.

EthernetXpress service advantage:

  1. EthernetXpress provides redundant links to users who subscribe for a 50 Mbps or above bandwidth. Redundant link means providing 2 or more links from different points / Areas. For Eg. If you have taken an ILL of 100 Mbps, one link will be provided from Bambolim and the other link (Redundant link) will be provided from Panjim. If one link is down, data will flow from the other link ensuring seamless connectivity. In other words, our MPLS Network will re-route the data traffic in case a link goes dark ensuring 99.5% uptime.
  2. EthernetXpress monitor links using PRTG graph which rings an alarm if a link is down. This alerts our Network Operations Center (NOC) team who are available 24/7 and they resolve the issue at the earliest.
  3. Only in Internet Leased Line (ILL) we sign a SLA (Service Level Agreement) promising to provide 99.5% uptime and providing quarterly downtime report.
  4. EXPL provides escalation matrix.
  5. Client is provided with Real Time Traffic report link from where they can easily track their live traffic.
  6. EXPL also provides ON DEMAND Bandwidth. Client can temporarily increase the link for min 1 day, which is preferred by hotels, resorts and MNC’s for the event. Standard Charges Applicable.

At first appearance, businesses could be drawn to leased lines simply because of their speed. In an era where more and more people are using cloud services, having ultrafast internet access makes a lot of sense. Dedicated connections are a crucial component of infrastructure for many firms, but speed is only one of several elements that contribute to this. The usage of VoIP for business telephone and communication is more dependable when there is a symmetrical connection. A fixed connection’s SLAs also mean that any failure is frequently resolved within hours rather than days or longer. Important for companies whose daily operations depend heavily on data.

The digital method of placing and receiving phone calls as well as other digital communications through an internet connection is known as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking. In SIP trunking, the word “trunk” refers to virtual phone lines that you can use to reach anyone with a phone number online. SIP trunks can be used for multimedia communication, which integrates phone, video, and messaging services, in addition to carrying voice conversations. While many nations plan to discontinue ISDN services, SIP trunks are replacing analogue and ISDN phone connections.

From sole proprietorships and small businesses to multinationals with various international locations, SIP trunking is suitable for businesses that need multiple phone lines. if you frequently make calls or anticipate a rise in call volume in the future.

Dedicated data circuits are used to run SIP trunks, especially for larger businesses. In this situation, the circuit provider offers either a service level agreement (SLA) that specifies a minimal expected service availability target, a quality of service guarantee (QoS) that guarantees voice traffic has a minimally guaranteed amount of bandwidth and priority routing, or both of these.

This implies that even when you add new domestic or foreign locations, you will still have control over your company’s phone system. As opposed to relying on a service provider to install new infrastructure or connections, you may manage and control your own resources.

SIP trunking might be advantageous for your company in a variety of ways:

Cost efficient

Conventional phone lines can be expensive, especially if your business has a lot of unused lines or if you frequently contact abroad. Companies must also pay for hardware and upkeep. SIP trunking is typically priced per-channel, for example, according to the maximum number of simultaneous calls you anticipate making. Our pricing is flexible, with a minimum of 1 DID per channel. We also offer unlimited STD calls and international (metering) calls.


Analogue calls would not have connected due to network problems or outages since voice over IP (VoIP) calls might take a variety of paths to their destination.

Insight and real-time analytics

You get access to analytics and data insights in real-time because SIP trunking technologies are cloud-based. For reliable usage and availability measurements, you can immediately view call logs. Machine learning services can be used to extract business intelligence from the data. Statistics can be broken down to individual users, allowing you to receive an overview of each employee’s interactions with clients or potential clients. This real-time information access benefits your company by enhancing worker performance and boosting marketing, customer service, and sales.

Call quality

Your digital phone connections need to have enough bandwidth to support high-quality calls, and SIP trunks are designed to make sure of this. You can anticipate clear calls even during busy times provided that your private branch exchange (PBX) isn’t overburdened. We now have technology that automatically enhances call quality and corrects issues like echoes and static thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence. There shouldn’t be any issues with call drops or echoey connections.


Your SIP trunks are dedicated connections for your calls, in contrast to previous phone systems. As part of their service, SIP providers keep an eye out for strange behaviour in calls, so anything out of the ordinary will be quickly recognised. It is important to discuss the exact security procedures used by your SIP provider.

In contrast to the virtual connection afforded by SIP trunking, a Primary Rate Interface (PRI) system, also referred to as a PRI trunk, offers a physical link to the PSTN. In contrast to SIP, which may deliver a minimum of 5 voice channels while using the same existing network, PRI employs copper cable to produce up to 23 voice channels using a circuit-switched paradigm.

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